Wavity Cloud Platform (WCP)

Pre-built, modifiable process driven applications to jump start Digital Transformation initiatives. One Place for Work.  Same place for Analytics.

The WCP offers an App Marketplace of ready-to-use apps and an app designer for modifying the pre-built apps.

App Designer can also be used for Citizen Development to build new no-code apps tailored to your needs.

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The WCP offers communication and collaboration tools which can be used standalone. The true power of these tools is realized because they are integrated with apps and allow your apps to conform to how your teams work rather than the other way around - making the apps process dream.

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The WCP offers you a consolidated view into everything that is important to you: calendars, cloud storage services and applications.

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The WCP offers a rich set of reporting capabilities so you have a 360-degree view into all of your business operations from a single place.

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Use Pre-Built Apps as is or modify to suit your needs | Design New Apps in a flash |  Collaborate | Monitor processes

How can Wavity help?

Regardless of the industry you operate in or the size of your business, Wavity has something for you – WCP can process enable all your applications on a single platform and replace all your point solutions.

IT Service Industry Solutions

Wavity’s IT Service Industry Solutions comprise  pre-built applications that IT Service Companies can use to tailor to their needs and run their businesses easily, effectively and cost effectively.
To understand how Wavity can help you better run your IT Service Business, please watch the video below.

No-Code Applications

Wavity’s App Designer is a drag-and-drop, no-code (as opposed to low code) tool which can be used by any organization to rapidly build, test and deploy applications to teams. Teams can consist of the organization’s employees as well as partners, vendors, customers and other third party employees.

For Organizations that are undertaking Digital Transformation initiatives, process based applications developed using the App Designer can be rapidly developed and deployed across functional departments and organizational boundaries.

Manufacturing Industry Solutions

US based manufacturing is poised to make a comeback and whether you are a small-to-medium business or a large established manufacturer Wavity has something to offer everyone.

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Cloud Based Modern Intranet


Every organization needs or has an Intranet. Wavity’s Cloud Based Intranet is particularly well suited to Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) and Startups that may be looking to build an Intranet from scratch.

For larger organizations that already have an Intranet, Wavity offers Functional Departments and Workgroups the ability to rapidly build Project or Task specific “Social Intranets” so external users like contractors, vendors, customers etc. can be brought into the fold to quickly implement Digital Transformation initiatives and Processes.



Wavity is a one stop shop for you to run lightweight ERP and back office applications on a single platform at reduced costs.


Every startup is unique. Build your startup on the Wavity Platform with applications that fit your needs and grow as your startup grows.



Enable rapid realization of your Digital Transformation initiatives and migrate in-house legacy apps to the Wavity Cloud Platform.


Find answers to frequently asked questions.

What is Wavity?

Q. What do you mean by the Wavity Cloud platform?

Organizations today use multiple point solutions from multiple vendors. These point solutions while very good at solving a specific problem, fail when it comes to supporting business processes across functional teams and organizational boundaries. In addition, changes have to be made to these point solutions when implementing Digital Transformation initiatives.  These changes are not easily made and even when they are made the end result is multiple user interfaces and logins, integrations, siloed data, multiple mobile apps etc. – all of which come in the way of getting work done.  This also results in loss of visibility into organizational operations. The Wavity Cloud Platform offers pre-built, modifiable lightweight applications that are process driven and can be adapted to changing business processes by non-technical users. In addition to ease of use and adaptability to changing business needs, Process Analytics and Reporting provide clear insight into operations.


Q. What is App Marketplace?

The App Marketplace is where Wavity publishes pre-built Application templates. These applications can be used as is or can be easily modified by non-technical users using the drag-and-drop App Designer. Applications available in the App Marketplace can be Horizontal applications (like Time and Expense reporting and approval or Project Management) or Industry specific applications (like Human Capital Management for the IT Service Industry)

Why Wavity?

Q. Why Wavity?

Wavity is different. Wavity can:

– Help you get all of your work done in a single place

– Increase productivity

– Improve operational visibility

– Reduce Costs

– Engage  your employees, contractors, partners, vendors and customers in Digital Transformation initiatives and streamline your business operations

How can we use Wavity?

Q. How can we use Wavity/WCP?

You can use WCP as a standalone Communications and Collaboration tool. However, the true power of the Wavity Cloud Platform is realized when as A Department within an Organization or a cross-functional team of users from an Organization plus users from a Customer of the Organization can come together to work on initiatives that are transformative and benefit both the Organization and the Customer. For a full list of features and capabilities of the WCP, please see ‘Features’ https://wavity.io/features/


Q. Is my data secure?

Yes, Wavity runs on Amazon’s AWS infrastructure and no one except you has access to your data. Please see Wavity’s Terms of Service for more information.


Q. Who owns the data that is generated by our use of Wavity?

You own all the data that is generated by your use of  Wavity Cloud Platform..


Q. I need some help using Wavity. What support do you provide?

Please check https://docs.wavity.com to see if your question has been answered. If you still need help, please contact support@wavity.com. We also offer telephone support for our Premier customers.

Choose Your Plan

Wavity Cloud Platform pricing is based on number of users in the buyer’s organization with discounts offered for the length of contract as well as prepayment.

1-100 USERS


$15 / USER / MO

101-1000 USERS


$12 / USER / MO




Find out how the pre-built, adaptable Wavity Cloud Platform applications can address your needs.

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